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San Francisco Bay Area Earth Science Resources

Earth Sciences resources I have discovered & compiled over years. Unfortunately I have lost track of the original locations of almost all of these sources. For academic purposes, you should cite the source itself, not this Appreciating Earth website.

  • Sustainable Purchase Power = what to buy that is good for your body and the environment

  • Choosing Sustainable Materials = trying to figure out what can be reused, recycled, and what materials are sustainable is not cut and dry so hopefully this information helps you decide what you want to have in your built environment

  • Recycling Guide = disposing of materials in a way that ensures is will be recycled in s sustainable manner, and many recyclable materials cannot be recycled through the curbside recycle bin, but these sources will help you figure out how to recycle consciously. This topic requires not just a section, but a page all its own.

Broken link? The internet is changing faster than I can keep up, so if a link is broken please let me know so I can fix it.

General Geology Information

North Bay Region Geology Information

Geologic Maps

Hydrology Information

  • Download at: or Apple Store or Google Play

  • I share how to use the Rockd App to discover & learn about local geology 

  • The intricacies of rock identification & map skills

  • Why should we care about the rocks beneath our feet, in terms of environment, climate, natural hazards & agriculture

  • Note the video on the right does not have sound

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