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Favorite Earth Science Websites:

Favorite Earth Science & Earth History Books:

  • A Brief History of Earth: 4 Billion Years in Eight Chapters by Andrew H. Knoll

  • Timefulness: How Thinking Like a Geologists Can Help Save The World by Marcia Bjornerud

  • A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson

  • The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living by Fritjof Capra

  • The Web of Life: A New Scientific Understanding of Living Systems by Fritjof Capra

  • The Green Book by Elizabeth Rogers & Thomas M. Kostigen 

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari

  • Assembling California by John McPhee

Favorite Earth Science Documentaries:

  • Polar Extremes (NOVA)

  • Dinosaur Apocalypse (NOVA)

  • Fearless Planet (Discovery Channel)

  • Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (Netflix)

  • Mega Disasters (History Channel)

  • Raging Planet (Discovery Channel)

  • How the Earth Was Made (History Channel)

  • The Universe (History Channel)

  • When We Left Earth: NASA Missions (Discovery Channel)

  • Blue Planet (BBC)

  • Ocean Origins (Netflix)

  • Aliens of the Deep (Netflix)

  • Our Planet (Netflix)

  • Planet Earth (Netflix)

  • How Life Began (History Channel)

  • Before the Dinosaurs: Walking with Monsters (BBC)

  • Walking with Dinosaurs (BBC)

  • Prehistoric Planet: Walking with Dinosaurs for kids (BBC)

  • The Ultimate Dinosaur Collection (BBC)

  • Walking with Cavemen (BBC)

  • The Human Body: Pushing the Limits (Discovery Channel)

  • Life After People (History Channel)

  • A Global Warning? (Netflix)

  • Discovery Project Earth (Discovery Channel)

  • Strange Days on Planet Earth (Discovery Channel)

  • Earth 2100 (ABC Documentary)

  • National Geographic: Six Degrees Could Change the World (Netflix)

  • National Geographic: Human Footprint (Netflix)

  • Breaking Boundaries (Netflix) - everyone should watch this to better understand the state of the climate

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