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In every facet of my life I strive to appreciate the Earth. I pursue an understanding of the evolution of time, space, and matter, in every aspect of nature. I share my comprehension of natural sciences through academic lectures and labs. I apply my knowledge of the body through fitness classes focused on anatomical alignment & functional motion. I collect rocks and minerals, and with some I create jewelry that tells a story of the evolution of the solid planet. I explore the environments of Earth as I travel near home and abroad, gaining a comprehension of what it means to live a lifetime on planet Earth. 

Nicole Myers


Nicole Rose Myers

I have loved nature since I was a child & chose to explore it further by studying the natural sciences. I attended the University of Oregon in Eugene where I earned a B.S. in Geological Sciences and a minor in Environmental Sciences. After spending a year as a lab technician in the geologic engineering industry I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas, where I earned a M.S. in Geological Sciences with a focus on Physical Volcanology.

After concluding my formal education, I moved back to Sonoma County, California and began teaching Earth & Space Sciences at Sonoma State University, Santa Rosa Junior College, & College of Marin. I discovered my passion for teaching when I taught Introduction to Earth Sciences at SSU for education majors in 2007. I have since expanded my repertoire to include teaching all aspects of the natural sciences to all ages. My goal is to help people appreciate Earth, providing inspiration through knowledge & a new perspective of the Earth and the Universe.

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