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OLLI=Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Sonoma State University
"For those 50 years old or better"

PDFs of OLLI lectures will be posted here after each presentation
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Nicole' Future OLLI Courses through SSU

OLLI Winter 2024
Catastrophism: Natural Disasters & Human Civilization

Registration opens January 8th & OLLI Preview January10 at 10am

6-week series on Fridays 1:30-3:30pm from 
February 2nd - March 8th
HYBRID! In Person at SSU & via Zoom
Earth has been repeatedly rocked by natural disasters, and some of these catastrophic events have changed the course of human history. Earth Scientists have developed a record of disastrous events going back thousands of years, to help us understand the causes of these disasters and to learn to predict future events. Natural disasters arise from the interactions between tectonic plates, space objects, meteorological extremes, and climactic cycles, and every location on Earth is susceptible to natural disasters. This class will investigate events in human history, focusing on how modern innovations have either made disasters worse or less severe. Learn where natural disasters occur, how to prepare for future events, and how human civilization has responded to catastrophic events.

Course Materials

Course slides will be posted here

​Past OLLI Courses I Have Taught at SSU
  • Fall 2017: The Dinosaur Revolution: Fossils Finds & Avian Genetics
  • Fall 2018: Catastrophism: How Natural Disasters Have Affected Earth and Human Evolution
  • Fall 2019: Geology of California
  • Spring 2020: Geology of the National Parks (cancelled due to the pandemic)
  • Spring 2021: Volcanic Cataclysms That Changed The World
  • Fall 2021: Geology of the National Parks
  • Summer 2022: How Geology Formed California
  • Spring 2022: The Story of Earth Conveyed by Rocks
  • Fall 2022: Age of the Reptiles - Evolution of Scales & Feathers During the Mesozoic Era
  • Spring 2023: Climate Change
  • Summer 2023: Pangaea Supercontinent
  • Fall 2023: Journey of the Continents
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