OLLI=Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Sonoma State University
"For those 50 years old or better"

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Nicole' Future OLLI Courses through SSU

Winter 2023 OLLI 3-Week series: Geology of Recent Climate Change          1:00-3:00pm on Fridays, February 3rd - February 17th 

(more information will be posted soon)

OLLI Fall 2022
Age of Reptiles: Evolution of Scales & Feathers During the Mesozoic Era

6-week series on Fridays 1-3pm from September 16th - October 21st
Via Zoom through SSU!

For more than 180 million years reptiles ruled the Earth, dominating the land, sky and seas. Dinosaurs lived alongside Pterosaurs & Marine Reptiles while small mammals evolved underfoot. As the climate changed and the environment evolved, reptiles diversified into amazing creatures that include the largest land animals to ever evolve, massive marine predators, and flying reptiles with wingspans up to 40ft. Today, paleontological studies are unearthing new and exciting information about Mesozoic life at incredibly fast rates, introducing us to new animals every year. A great reptilian variety is revealed in rocks that tell us a story of reptile evolution, ecosystem complexities, changing climate, natural disasters, and mass extinctions.  You will learn about modern Dinosaur, Pterosaur, & Marine Reptile discoveries and how they are changing our understanding of these iconic creatures.  Geologic time, fossil formation, and plate tectonics are a foundation for understanding when and where these ancient reptiles lived and how we come to find their rocky remains today.

Course Materials & Resources

Course slides & handouts will be posted here

Recommended Geology Textbook: Geology is a very visual science & I've always really liked the illustrations that Stephen Marshak offers

The Common Descent Podcast! All about biology& geology & the science of evolution
You can listen to the Podcast (=audio, not video) on PodBean, YouTube, Stitcher, iTunes/Apple Podcast or whatever resource you associate with your favorite podcasts. They also have WordPress blog where they post links and details. If you are new to the Podcast world and have an iPhone just go to the Podcasts app (already downloaded on all iPhones = purple app with white symbol), click search, type in "The Common Descent" and chose an episode title.

Biological Evolution Resources

Past OLLI Course I have taught through at SSU

  • Fall 2017: The Dinosaur Revolution: Fossils Finds & Avian Genetics
  • Fall 2018: Catastrophism: How Natural Disasters Have Affected Earth and Human Evolution
  • Fall 2019: Geology of California
  • Spring 2020: Geology of the National Parks (sadly cancelled due to the pandemic but will be offered again Fall 2021!)
  • Spring 2021: Volcanic Cataclysms That Changed The World
  • Fall 2021: Geology of the National Parks
  • Summer 2022: How Geology Formed California
  • Spring 2022: The Story of Earth Conveyed by Rocks