OLLI=Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Sonoma State University
"For those 50 years old or better"

Coming this Spring 2022!
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Nicole's Future OLLI Courses through SSU

OLLI Spring 2022
Story of Earth

6-week series on Thursdays 3-5pm from April 14th - May 19th
In-person or Zoom? This class will likely be in-person at SSU but the safety situation will be considered as time progresses

The Story of Earth exceeds 4 billion years of time, and much of planetary history is forever lost. Together we will take a trip through space and time to investigate what is known of the formation and evolution of Earth, and seek the locations where ancient clues have been unearthed. We will delve into how time & events leave their marks in minerals & rocks, and analyze how scientists unravel the chemical clues. As we explore planetary-scale events that have changed the Earth, we will also follow in the footsteps of biological evolution. Our focus on unraveling hundreds of millions of years of natural history will be told by the rocks, and the signatures of life embedded within.

Geology of the National Parks

Summer 2021 Prequel:
Geology of Alaskan National Parks & the Once Beringia Land Bridge 

Fall 2021 6-week course 9/15-10/20/22:
Our most beautiful landscapes have been preserved as National Parks, but what makes them unique is their geologic & climactic history. Geologists have investigated the processes that form these geologic wonders to help us understand the timeline of their formation over millions of years, the forces that have morphed them into their present expression, and the processes that will continue to change them in the future. We will explore Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, The Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Great Sand Dunes, Carslbad Caverns, Lassen Volcanic, Crater Lake, Rocky Mountains, and the Great Smokey Mountains, to name a few. Learn how these natural wonders came to be & how they will continue to change before our eyes. 

Past OLLI Course I have taught through at SSU

  • Fall 2017: The Dinosaur Revolution: Fossils Finds & Avian Genetics
  • Fall 2018: Catastrophism: How Natural Disasters Have Affected Earth and Human Evolution
  • Fall 2019: Geology of California
  • Spring 2020: Geology of the National Parks (sadly cancelled due to the pandemic but will be offered again Fall 2021!)
  • Spring 2021: Volcanic Cataclysms That Changed The World
  • Fall 2021: Geology of the National Parks