Body of Knowledge

I have been practicing yoga & pilates since 2000, and teaching fitness classes focused on anatomical alignment since 2008. I have earned teaching certifications through Blue Powder Productions, Athletics & Fitness Association of America (AFAA), The Dailey Method, & Yoga Alliance. My personal practice has evolved over years of learning to work with hypermobility, knowledge of vertebrate anatomy & evolution, and under the tutelage of amazing yoga, pilates, and barre teachers.

Blue Door Yoga & Wellness Studio, Penngrove CA

I have a been teacher at Blue Door since fall 2016. I truly love this studio, the clients, the owner, & the community. I teach classes that are focused on functional movement in intentional alignment. No one refers to my classes as easy, but I provide an effective and safe way to build strength and flexibility. Join me on Tuesday evenings in my "Core Stability" classes. 

Biker Barre Fit, Santa Rosa CA

I have been teaching at Biker Barre Fit since it opened June 2020. This edgy and welcoming fitness studio offers a wide variety of barre, Pilates, strength, cycle & yoga classes that allow clients to tailor their workouts to their individual needs and fitness goals. I love how supportive this studio is, and how it has created a sense of community. I teach classes that are focused on barre+yoga functional movements and intentional alignment. Join me for a wide variety of classes designed to challenge your strength, flexibility, & posture in mixed-level, beginner, & a more Gentle approach on Thursday evenings. Virtual memberships at Biker Barre Fit also allow clients to take per-recorded classes anytime they wish.

You are made of pieces of planet Earth

Everything we use, touch, smell, & see comes from planet Earth. Everything we eat, absorb, & breathe is of planet Earth. Some substances are toxic to us, & others are beneficial, and our knowledge what is healthy continues to grow. As such, I am increasingly conscious of what I put on & in my body, and often refer to the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Skin Deep website for product data. Search thousands of body products and find safer alternatives that are better for you and the planet.

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