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Natural Disaster Emergency Resources

The Earth changes, and when it changes quickly and negatively affects humans and our creations it is called a disaster, or a catastrophe in the worst case scenarios. When a disaster strikes, knowing what to do and how to find important information in a timely manner is imperative.  Living through a natural disaster sucks and when a disaster occurs, knowing what is happening in your environment, finding relatively safe escape routes, and knowing where to seek help makes a big difference. Knowledge is a resource in and of itself. These are the resources I discovered and compiled for myself. Many, but not all, are specific to the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Natural Disaster Preparation = preparation can only be done before a disaster, and in anticipation of the inevitable event we learn what hazards are in our region, gather and organize supplies, and know how to find the important information we will want to access

  • Disaster Resources = when a disaster has occurred, knowing where to look up information about the changing environment allows you to make conscious and timely decisions when everything is changing rapidly

Broken link? The internet is changing faster than I can keep up, so if a link is broken please let me know so I can fix it.

San Francisco Bay Area Disaster Resources

Power outages (planned or unplanned) are associated with every disaster

Wildfires in the San Francisco Bay Area (some websites are nationwide)

Droughts & Flooding in the San Francisco Bay Area


US West Coasts Volcanic Eruptions

Health & Disease: Epidemics & Pandemics

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