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Appreciating Earth, Education
with Nicole Myers
Education fosters awareness, which generates appreciation. Learn how to observe the Earth through the eyes of a geologist and see into deep time. 
I am based in Santa Rosa, CA and focus on teaching in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. I present Earth Science knowledge to schools, teachers, parents, & perpetual students through multimedia presentations, lesson plans, scientific inquiry, educational resources, and field excursions.

Geology walks and field trips for those who would like to experience nature through the lens of science.  Sign up for the Appreciating Earth Newsletter to be the first to hear about hikes & excursions. If you have any Sonoma or Marin County location requests, fill out the poll
Appreciating Earth Offerings
Geology Walks

More Appreciating Earth adventures are on the horizon in Sonoma & Marin Counties & will be announced in the Appreciate Earth newsletter.

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Educational Resources 

Information about the Earth Sciences, including geology, climatology, maps, natural disasters, and San Francisco Bay Area natural history. I hope these resources will support your Earth explorations, disaster preparedness, & sustainability endeavors.

I teach to all ages & in a variety of forums, including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, clubs, homeschool groups, societies, community centers, & in the field where nature is the best teacher. These are a few of the organizations I work with regularly...

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