Welcome to Appreciating Earth, Education by Nicole Myers
Education fosters awareness, which generates appreciation. Learn how to observe the Earth through tactile & visual experience. I present Earth Science knowledge to schools, teachers, parents, & perpetual students through through multimedia presentations & lesson plans. I also lead natural science field trips in Northern California.

Beginning in 2020 I will offer field excursions for those who would like to experience nature through the eyes of a geologist. As summer approaches I will send out a newsletter to let you known about the summer field opportunities I am planning. If you have any Sonoma County location requests, fill out the contact form. Let the adventures begin!

Community Nature Excursions with Nicole!

I am based in Santa Rosa, CA and focus on teaching in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area. I spend a majority of my time teaching geology at Sonoma State University.


I teach to all ages & in a variety of forums, including elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, universities, clubs, homeschool groups, societies, community centers, & in the field where nature is the best teacher.


A learning community for adults age 50+ that offers a variety of curiosity driven classes. I have shared my knowledge of dinosaurs, natural disasters, & earth sciences.


The Center for Environmental Inquiry promotes environmental readiness for all. A learning community for all ages that offers a variety of classes, projects & partnerships. I have shared my knowledge of Earth evolution & natural disaster preparedness.

EXCEL for Youth Summer Program

An accelerated program for students entering grades 4-9. A variety of summer enrichment classes are help at Sonoma State University. The programs are designed to be hands-on, experiential, & a fun learning experience.

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