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Travel Tips

Traveling is a skill. How to pack, what to pack, how much to pack, how to prepare, and how to avoid discomfort while traveling. Below is compilation of the tips I have shared through my quarterly newsletter.

  • Choose your luggage wisely. More often than not we pack too much & have to lug around unnecessary weight. Pack as little as possible make sure you are easily able to carry what you bring.

  • Plan what you are bringing on the plane: extra set of clothes, toiletries, pillow, scarf/blanket, travel pillow, noise cancelling headphones (really, you will regret not having these), eye mask, snacks, water bottle (remember to refill in the airport), book/tablet/entertainment, warm socks (compression socks if your legs tend to swell), scarf, minimal medications you may need, & a neti stick.

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